Friday, January 30, 2009

"Change is coming to America" Well, at Least to the Peanut Butter Industry

"I'm Mike Wallace, and I'd like talk with you," used to be the scariest words a company official could hear. Once upon a time, the words, "The FDA has filed a complaint with the DA," could send shudders through food company officials.

Today it seems like too often the first scary words heard are, "Someone died from eating our product." Maybe it is just my perception.

I think that today the scariest words that a food company official can hear are, "You've received a complaint and summons from William Marler.

Perhaps this poster should be put up in the board rooms of the Peanut Corporation of America:

Photograph adapted from the Marler Blog.

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Neal Fortin said...

For FDA's list of recalled peanut products visit: